Recording Tips

To improve your audio recording quality and get more cost-effective and accurate transcripts:

  • Test your recording equipment
  • Use an external microphone
  • Place microphone near your speaker
  • Ask your subject to speak up
  • Ask multiple subjects to speak one at a time
  • Don't use microcassettes
  • Use fastest recording speed
  • Record in the mid-range of the recording volume
  • Record in a quiet place
  • Shut off voice activation features
  • Use new brand-name tapes
  • Use shorter tapes or record only on one side
  • Rewind and label tape including total running time if known


Please send us VHS single audio channel window dubs using standard, not extended play.


What we’ll need to know to complete your project:

  1. Contact Info (Name, company name, address, phone, etc.)
  2. Billing information (address, job or P.O. number, any special requirements)
  3. What kind of content are you sending (e.g., interview, presentation, group, finished video), on what media (e.g., video tape, standard audio, microcassette, DVD, CD, digital file format), and when can we expect it?
  4. E-mail address
  5. Due Date
  6. If interview, may questions be paraphrased?
  7. If presentation, would you like transcription to be “Verbatim” or “Smooth”?
    • Verbatim includes false starts, stutters and non-verbal sounds such as “uh,” “um…” — useful when the tape is to be edited.
    • Smooth eliminates the non-verbal sounds and stutters, but may include false starts — useful if transcript is to be published.
  8. How would you like tapes returned (Fed Ex, Messenger, US Mail, other) OR may we recycle them?

For even better transcripts please provide:

bullet Names of subjects/interviewees

bullet List of technical terms

bullet Brand names

bullet Place names

bullet Acronyms

bullet Number of people speaking (for audio recordings only)

All material received by Perfect Pages is held in strict confidentiality.

NOTE: Perfect Pages is not liable for accidental loss of information on magnetic storage media, such as diskettes or tapes. We recommend you do not send us original masters.