• Digital transcription
  • Video transcription with timecode
  • Tape transcription
  • Closed captioning and subtitling
  • Live, real-time captioning




Frequently Asked Questions

What format do you need for transcription?

For audio only, we can transcribe standard audio tapes and microcassettes, as well as a number of digital formats, including various Windows audio (e.g., .wma and .wax) and video (e.g., .wmv, .wvx, .avi) formats; .mp3, .wav, .dss and .vox, among others. 

For video with timecode window burn, we can transcribe VHS, DVD and files in .wmv format.  If you don’t see your format, just give us a call and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.  If you need assistance with timecode window burns, we’re happy to refer you to our professional partners.

How quickly can you turn my job around?

Our typical turnaround is 24 to 48 hours. Often we can complete a job the same day if it arrives early enough. Larger jobs will take longer to do, of course. How quickly we can turn the job around depends on the length and the content (interview, presentation, and/or group). One hour of one-on-one interview takes approximately four hours to transcribe; a presentation takes approximately five hours; multiple speakers, difficult audio, highly technical or medical terminology may take longer.

For faster turnaround of audio or videotapes, divide your material into 30-60 minute segments. This will enable us to have several operators working on the job simultaneously, greatly reducing turnaround time. Sending your job in digital format via the Internet will save time as well.

How do I get digital files or tapes to you?

You can upload digital files to us (maximum file size 2GB) by using our Perfect Pages drop box.

In addition, we can download digital files through your FTP site (if you have one) or you can use FedEx or UPS to send your material to us. A messenger service can be faster if time is an issue, and U.S. “snail mail” is always an option if time is not an issue, although we strongly advise that you do not send masters or originals when using the U.S. postal service.

What do the transcripts look like?



How will I get my tapes returned to me?

Most of our clients who send VHS tapes allow us to degauss and recycle them, which saves shipping costs and is good for the environment. If you do need your media returned, we will send them by your preferred method, at your cost, plus a small shipping and handling charge. FedEx is usually the easiest and most reliable, and the two-day delivery is not much more expensive than other methods. Please provide your FedEx account number; otherwise, we will have to apply a 10% service charge.

Can you identify the speakers?

This is usually not a problem as most interviewees and speakers are identified at the beginning of a segment.  Providing us with an agenda or a list of speakers’ names will help us identify them. Please note that it is often difficult or impossible to identify individual speakers on audio-only media when there are two or more speakers.

What about B-Roll?

We normally ignore B-Roll unless the client requests that we describe it, or we occasionally transcribe portions of what might be considered B-Roll, such as a speaker describing computer screens, or “walk & talk” sections.

Where are you located? How do I get there from here?

See directions on our Contact Us page.

Any discount for extra large jobs?

If quick turnaround is not required and we can fit in your tapes among other work, we offer a 10% discount on jobs of 15 hours or more.

Do you have a “drop box?”

Yes. Please call us at at 510-763-7875 to discuss.